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Het dal van de Statte

Walking along the wild river, you will come across special places. Including the Bilisse rock and the Casacades des Nutons.

The walk starts in the village of Solwaster, which is also worth a visit. There are a number of monumental buildings that form picturesque spots. With your back to the church, you walk down the hill and turn right in front of the building with a crucifix on the facade. We walked down a bit ourselves to explore the village.

The walk along the Statte speaks for itself. Ultimately, at a small bridge over the Statte, you have to turn right and take the return route on largely asphalted roads. A bit quiet after the natural beauty, but nice to arrive easily and quickly back in the village, where terraces and restaurants await, to enjoy for a while.

The day we did the walk it was very cold, with a biting wind. The river was mostly frozen, which made it very unique!

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