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Avontuur aan het meer

The Morvan Regional Nature Park is home to several large lakes. Inviting you to actively go out or exercise and swim in calm water. Are you ready for some relaxation? This certainly works at the lakes of the Morvan!

Lake Settons offers water sports opportunities for everyone. Choose a canoe trip to the big island, where many bird species nest and set foot on a new continent. Pedal boating, horse riding and mountain biking are other ways to enjoy the vast nature reserves with the family. It's like being in Canada at Lake Settons.

One of our favorites is the mountain road that runs right along Lake Pannecière. We came across this small country road where you can enjoy an exceptional view of the highlands of the Morvan Natural Park. A small panoramic road not to be missed. We also passed through the villages of Ouroux-en-Morvan and Montsauche-les-Settons, crossing impressive forests of enormous pines.

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