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Mysterious shapes

Uchon is located at the southernmost point of the Morvan.

The easiest way to get there is from Etang sur Arroux. After La Chapelle-sous-Uchon, a small winding road leads up to the viewpoint. You can reach it by car or, if you are in very good condition, by bicycle: Uchon is located at 681 meters.

But “the pearl of the Morvan” is worth it. At the top you have a phenomenal view. You will also find a geological phenomenon there: Les Rochers du Carnaval. These enormous chunks of granite are fodder for geologists.

They are the result of erosion that has worn away chunks of granite. The rocks appear to have been thrown down at the top of Uchon, seemingly at random. They have appealing names such as the mammoth and the dog nose. The boulders are also food for fans of sagas and legends.

There are a few walks around Uchon that take you past even more striking rocks.

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