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Luxury Wellness Lodge, 2-6 persons

Belgian Ardennes - Erezee

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Enjoy the Seasons

The lodge is located in the beautiful valley between the village of Fanzel and Mormont. From the terrace you not only have a phenomenal view, but you also hear the babbling of the Aisne. Here you can still admire the unspoiled nature and take long walks through the forests or the quiet villages. Would you like to recharge your batteries and enjoy the peace and quiet? Then this lodge is definitely for you.

Quality time

In the valley between Fanzel and Mormont, an enchanting place has been created with skilled hands and a love for natural materials. A world in itself, where the phenomenal view all around takes center stage.

This special place is for everyone who is looking for quality time and an environment where there is time for each other. Enjoy the peace and nature around.

The lodge is located in a very quiet area, and guests are asked to respect this and keep it calm.

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A wonderful luxurious stay

in the middle of nature


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